Rejected and Day 165 Go to Second Printings From Source Point Press

Rejected and Day 165 Go to Second Printings From Source Point Press

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Two comic books from Source Point Press have sold out from the publisher and distributor and have now gone to second printings, both timed for October 31st.

That would be August’s Rejected with this brand new cover from Corey Christian Anderson.

(W) Stan Konopka (A) Corey Christian Anderson
Billy is hounded, bullied and abused. He wants nothing more than a loving family, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards for him. That hate. That dejection. It calls out in Billy’s voice and, this time, something answered. The Rejected, led by Mr. Teeth, offer Billy otherworldly protection and a place in the family. They give him the strength to take his revenge on anyone that maligned him. The Rejected can make your dreams come true, but at what price? SRP: $5.99

And September’s Day 165 with this new cover from Joseph Haemmerle and Martin A. Perez.

(W) Doug Wright, Frank T. Allen (A) Joseph Haemmerle, Martin A. Perez
Day 165 examines the unexplained events that soldiers experience during their 165th day of service. Private Donnie Smith is a paratrooper in the British Army and has experienced the horrors of war. Donnie has kept his cool and sanity due to his beloved comics, especially Colonel Joe Monroe and his Freedom Brigade and it’s a dream of Donnie’s to one day be a great soldier like him. Sgt. Freddie Hayes doesn’t share Donnie’s love of comics and wants him to break free of his childish fantasies to become a true soldier. Now swept into a horrific mission in France, they must work together to destroy enemies old and new.SRP: $4.99

Coming to stores for the end of October…


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