Longtime James Bond Writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade Have Turned in a Script Treatment for Bond 25

Longtime James Bond Writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade Have Turned in a Script Treatment for Bond 25

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The search for Bond continues. After director Danny Boyle dramatically exited Bond 25 mere months before production was set to start the movie continues to be in limbo. Boyle insisted that he get a crack at the script and that script is rumored to be the point of contention that lead of Boyle being let go/walking away. That meant that a new script would have to be written for the project to move forward.

According to DeadlineNeal Purvis and Robert Wade, who have been with the series since The World is Not Enough, have turned in their treatment for the 25th entry in the series.

There were rumors that Purvis and Wade had a finished script when Boyle was brought on so perhaps they just needed to do some adjusting to make the project work. It’s only been a few short weeks since Boyle walked away, August 21st to be specific, so finishing a new treatment from scratch this quickly seems unlikely. This is a good step but that doesn’t mean all is well.

Deadline says that the project still has its November 8th, 2019 release date but it seems very unlikely that they will meet that. They still need to hire a director and give that director some time to do pre-production before jumping into a huge production like this. The James Bond movies also have notoriously long shooting schedules so even if they found someone tomorrow less than fourteen months is still really pushing it. Deadline is also reporting some other names on the shortlist for directors including Edgar Wright and David Mackenzie.

At the moment MGM isn’t saying anything one way or another either about this script treatment, possible directors, or even whether or not the movie will make that release date.

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