Those NES Controllers Will Be Exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers

Those of you hoping to snag a couple of those NES controllers for the Nintendo Switch will have to subscribe to the online service first. According to Nintendo’s own website, the controllers will be sold as a pair for $60, but you have to prove that you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription first before the company sells them to you. And it’s limited to one purchase per Nintendo account or individual family membership. Why? Good question. We’re thinking Nintendo has learned a lesson or two about how far people are willing to go to just own retro merch.

After the debacle that was the original run of the NES Classic Edition, what with people running out of stock and seeing the systems gouged on eBay, it appears the company is taking a much more hands-on approach to distribution of these controllers. While that may piss off a lot of Nintendo fans, we think it’s a smart move and have to applaud it. You force people who want them to buy a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, then you charge them the full amount online to buy them rather than getting them through other means in the regular world, and you limit them to one per household so that your costs are covered for future versions of the product. That’s how you manage a license to print money!

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