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“Starring as a character in a comic series I’ve helped create has to be one of the coolest things I’ve done. Charlie’s story has its roots in Scottish myth and history… I can’t wait for readers to go on this epic and really personal journey with him.” – John Barrowman

​”There was something wonderfully wicked throwing Charlie into a world of hurt in the opening chapters and then putting his fate into the hands of three fierce women characters.” – Carole Barrowman

The first chapter of Acursian, the new comic created by John Barrowman, Carole Barrowman, Erika Lewis and Beni Lobel, with designs by Tommy Lee Edwards runs below. Without sounds and without the voice of John Barrowman. You’ll have to go to the LINE Webtoons site for that – and the following two chapters, all free, courtesy of the Korean comics publisher

Acursian is a time-traveling magical journey set between 1745 and present day that follows Charlie Stewart, a dislikeable lawyer whose bloodline is cursed by the Gods after Charlie’s ancestor, Prince Charles Edward Stewart, makes a deal with Bregon, the god of war. The exchange quickly backfires with Bregon stealing three talismans from his sisters, the goddesses of fate and time, and a battle soon ensues. Until the talismans are returned, the three sisters can no longer control fate and time, and Charles Edward Stewart and his descendants are cursed to lose everything on their 40th birthdays.

And so it begins…

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