The Kids Aren’t Alright in The Blackout Club at PAX West

The last appointment I had at PAX West was in a private session outside the convention where I was shown The Blackout Club. Almost like an homage to Stranger Things, which is a weird thing for me to write about a TV show that’s only two years old, the game puts you in the shoes of a group of kids trying to figure out what the hell is happening to them and their town. The kids have blackouts and appear in random locations in town, which happens to be in an area where radio signals are almost non-existent. Then, at night, the adults sleepwalk in costume and dig holes to an underground lair.

credit//Question Games

The Blackout Club is basically a first-person adventure that’s half detective work and half stealth mission. The entire game gave us the creeps as we maneuvered our way around avoiding these whispering adults with hoods over their heads and dealt with the most random of noises going off in the background to give away our position. The game is due out sometime in 2019, and we’re looking forward to playing the full version.

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