San Diego Comic-Con Unveils First of Many Legacy Variant Logos for 50th Anniversary

People often complain that Comic-Con feels less and less like it’s about the comics every year. But this year, San Diego Comic-Con is celebrating their 50th anniversary in the most comics way possible: with a series of variant logos paying homage to the logos of the past.

On Twitter, SDCC unveiled the first of what will be a series of legacy logos, homaging the Comic-Con 1980 logo.

On their website, SDCC continues:

As we gear up to celebrate Comic-Con 50 (July 18-21 with Preview Night on July 17 at the San Diego Convention Center), we’re going to be re-introducing some of our logos from the past. This groovy gem is from Comic-Con 1980 and was illustrated by (at the time) underground cartoonist John Pound, who went on to a long career including comic covers, illustrations, art prints, book covers, and over 500 Garbage Pail Kid stickers (along with numerous other assignments for Topps).

And furthering the traditions started by the comic book industry, it looks like SDCC will continue to slowly reveal these logos on the internet, like a teaser for a super-mega-crossover event or number one issue reboot.

So yeah, it may be mostly about the movies and the television shows and the video games and the cosplay and the toys… but in at least one way, Comic-Con is staying true to its roots.

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