Another Tick On The Checklist – Rob Venditti And Eddy Barrows Launch Freedom Fighters From DC Comics

Another tick on the checklist. Getting pretty full now.

Only the George Perez box has a cross against it. And that’s because him doing the cover for Avengers #700 isn’t quite what we promised. But now the Freedom Fighters series has gone official. By Rob Venditti and Eddy Barrows. And announced by DC Comics via their media partner CBR. 

And it is set in Earth-X –  a world where Germany and its allies won World War II and the USA is governed by a Nazi regime.

 We get to see how 2018 America looks if the Germans won WWII, but also what the status of superheroes is in that kind of environment as well. – Robert Venditti.


We’re starting our story on November 22, 1963 which is the day of the JFK assassination, you know, in the real world. But JFK was never president here on Earth-X so we’re taking that day in Dallas and dealing with the death of a different hope America had – Robert Venditti.


When we start out, the team is Black Condor, the Human Bomb, Doll Woman and Phantom Lady. These are all newer incarnations of the characters, and we’ll learn new backstories for them, what motivates them and why they’re Freedom Fighters. Uncle Sam in 2018 is missing in action. – Robert Venditti


 Plastic Man doesn’t exist on Earth-X because he was captured by the Nazis and they extracted his DNA, his ability to shape shift. And now they’ve used that science and applied it to an entire force of covert agents called the “PlaSStic Men.” So there’s a new SS, and they live among the American population. They can literally be anybody.  – Robert Venditti


Out in December…

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