Review: Die Hard Dice — Gold Emerald Gemstone Collection

Review: Die Hard Dice — Gold Emerald Gemstone Collection

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The second pair of dice we received for review from Die Hard Dice blew us away as we got to play with some of the Gold Emerald metal dice from the Gemstone Collection. We’d seen them in display a few times before but had always gravitated to different sets for our characters. So how well do these roll and work out as practical dice to play with?

First off let’s discuss the design. These are shimmering emerald with a gold lining and trim. The edges of these are actually very pointy, enough to where we actually got pricked a little bu the D4 trying to spin it between our thumb and index finger for fun. Both the D10’s actually spin pretty well like a top. Every number is clearly defined with very little to mistake, while the shine coming off these makes them look absolutely awesome.

As far as weight goes, these are pretty heavy for metal dice that look so good. Not so heavy that they’ll shatter glass, but they’ll definitely put a crack in it. They roll really well whether we bank them off a rolling tray or simply spin them on the table. Whenever we get heavy metal dice, I like to test them in water to see if they’re balanced and everything game up legit with no unbalanced weight toward any side.

When it came to using them in a game, I found these to be much luckier than any dice I’ve run with. I’ve been using them in a couple games as a Level 8 Wizard in D&D, so my D6, D8, and D12 are all getting a workout from various spells and additional damage taken over time for people who can’t break free. So far I have yet to roll a natural 1, and have scored natural 20’s in more than a few instances. I’m damn near tempted to call them my Irish Dice, because every time I roll, it’s nothing but good fortune.

I really love this set from Die Hard Dice, and I plan on using them in a few more games, possibly shifting them to a special case. The thing that will make a lot of people happy is that the price is pretty reasonable at $40 for the entire set. A set like this from other companies I’ve seen start at $60, so having that kind of pricing shaved down for the same product is pretty awesome. I recommend them if you’re looking for a shiny upgrade that has a little more gusto on the roll.

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