No Offence Series 3 - They Did It, They Really Did It (MAJOR SPOILERS)

No Offence Series 3 – They Did It, They Really Did It (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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The opening episode of series 3 of No Offence, Channel 4’s cop comedy-drama created by Shameless and Cracker‘s Paul Abbott, is on air right now. And yes, they just did what they did.

If you are watching the show live, you may continue. If not, stop, get offline and come back when you have done. Don’t look at a newspaper headline or a tweet until you have or you won’t make it.

But after a failed assassination attempt of a local mayoral candidate, and a scuffle in the car park, just when you think Spike has been shot and killed, instead it turns out that Joy was in the way of the bullet instead.

And in a new first for a TV death, it was simply indicated by the sirens on the ambulance cutting out in mid-race to the hospital. With Viv’s only line ‘dead’ before the ad break hit – referring to both the sirens and to Joy.

No time for a funeral, little time for mourning, she must be avenged. And that is season three of No Offence.

I asked Paul Abbott earlier in the week if he felt there was something a little zeitgeisty about this episode, airing in the same week as The Bodyguard killed off main female lead, also in a plotline involving political assassination attempts in mid-speech. Naturally he told me that there was no knowledge about the other show or any conspiracy to the scheduling but that it did feel like something in the air. I asked him if he and the cast were prepared to hug weeping members of the public, he suggested handing out free ‘bangs’ to celebrate Joy.

There’s a time and a place, Paul, a time and a place…

Here’s how it’s going down after the ad break.

It’s okay, it is fiction. Still though… as Viv said, ‘what the fuck just happened?’

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