Daniel Warren Johnson Homages Judas Priest for Murder Falcon #1 Heavy Metal Variant

Daniel Warren Johnson Homages Judas Priest for Murder Falcon #1 Heavy Metal Variant

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Good news, SatanBronies. Image Comics has announced a series of Heavy Metal variant covers for the upcoming Skybound series Murder Falcon by Daniel Warren Johnson. Though Image promises a “variety of brutally talented artists” will contribute variants for future issues, it’s Johnson himself who drew the cover for issue #1 homaging the cover to Judas Priest’s Painkiller. As far as Judas Priest albums go, we’d have chosen an earlier one ourselves, but for Johnson, it’s one of his faves.

MURDER FALCON is a series that has a little bit of everything that I love: kung fu, beer, having fun, playing music, and—most importantly—METAL. So what better way to celebrate this comic than to homage one of my favorite records, Painkiller by the immortal Judas Priest. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Murder Falcon #1 hits stores on October 10th, and final order cutoff is September 17th (that’s next Monday).

Murder Falcon #1
(W) Daniel Warren Johnson (A/CA) Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer
From DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON, the creator of the Eisner-nominated series EXTREMITY, comes MURDER FALCON! The world is under attack by monsters, and Jake’s life is falling apart: no band, no girl, no future… until he meets Murder Falcon. He was sent from The Heavy to destroy all evil, but he can’t do it without Jake shredding up a storm. Now, with every chord Jake plays on his guitar, the power of metal fuels Murder Falcon into all-out kung fu fury on those that seek to conquer Earth.

It’s time to shred!
In Shops: Oct 10, 2018
Final Orders Due: Sep 17, 2018
SRP: $3.99

MURDER FALCON #1 Cover A by Johnson (Diamond code: AUG180044)
MURDER FALCON #1 Cover B “Heavy Metal” variant (Diamond code: JUL189235)

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