Riot Games Launches New Event With League of Legends: Odyssey

Riot Games Launches New Event With League of Legends: Odyssey

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Starting tomorrow, September 11th, Riot Games will officially launch a new event in League Of Legends called “Odyssey”. The event will run until September 25th and offer players a number of opportunities to snag exclusive skins and more. Here are the details courtesy of the devs, and best of luck to all of you in League Of Legends over the next two weeks.

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Players will join Jinx and the crew of the Morning Star on a sci-fi adventure in the all new PvE game mode, Odyssey: Extraction.  The Odyssey universe was created as a world where all of League’s Champions could live in a science-fiction inspired alternate universe, blasting through space and fighting alien monsters. Riot Games have enlisted prolific UK based comic book writer & novelist, Dan Abnett, to help bring Odyssey to life by exploring the origins of League’s Shadow Reaper, Kayn.”

  • Odyssey is the newest PvE mode to come to the League. Battle as a team of five through an alien planet to rescue Ziggs from a crash landing.
  • Odyssey will have 5 difficulty levels: Intro, Normal, Hard, Expert & Onslaught.
  • Grow your Champion’s power by unlocking Augments. Each time you play the mode, you’ll permanently unlock these valuable upgrades to help you through the higher tier difficulties.
  • Unlock the “Morning Star Crew Jacket” available for purchase only to those who have completed the intro level difficulty.
  • There will also be Odyssey exclusive skins available for the crew of the Morning Star:
    • Odyssey Kayn (Legendary 1820)
    • Odyssey Sona (1350 RP)
    • Odyssey Jinx (1350 RP)
    • Odyssey Yasou (1350 RP)
    • Odyssey Ziggs (1350 RP)
    • Odyssey Malphite (1350 RP)

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