Kingdom Hearts 3 Gets New Big Hero 6 Trailer Alongside VR Experience Announcement

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gets New Big Hero 6 Trailer Alongside VR Experience Announcement

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During Sony’s PlayStation conference at the Tokyo Games Show, Kingdom Hearts 3 got a new trailer confirming Big Hero 6 alongside a the reveal of a new VR experience.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is not far away at all in the grand scheme of things. January next year, we will be able to finally jump into the Square Enix cross Disney world once more, something that has been a long time coming. We’ve seen a lot of the game recently too, with several trailers shown over the last few major gaming events. So what is one more, eh?

During PlayStation’s ‘Lineup Tour’ for Tokyo Games Show (which doesn’t actually start until September 20), a new trailer showed off the long rumoured Big Hero 6 world as well as several story moments to go alongside it. It’s in Japanese, so you might have some trouble understanding what is going on if you don’t speak the language, but I will say, it’s kinda wonderful how well Baymax translates to other countries. There isn’t a lot here, but it is nice to see how the property looks in this setting. Take a look:

More than that though, it was announced that Kingdom Hearts VR Experience would be coming too. Not a lot of details were shared, but it seems like the game will feature famous scenes from the series, putting you as the wielder of the Keyblade. No release date was announced, but you’d think it would likely come around the launch of Kingdom Hearts 3.

It’s always good to see more and you have to wonder how much more the game has up its sleeve. I certainly can’t wait to see where else we are headed in Kingdom Hearts 3 next. Thus far, it doesn’t look like things such as Star Wars or Marvel properties will be coming but at the moment, the lineup seems plenty interesting with traditional Disney [rp[erties providing the backbone of the game.

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