Just a Painter With a Dream as We Play Eastshade at PAX West

One of the more interesting titles that caught a few people’s eyes at PAX West this year was an indie title called Eastshade. As we approached the booth for our appointment, we could see there was a bit of a line from people who were giving it some interesting looks. The game puts you in the position of a painter headed to a new town. You boat crashes and you wash ashore in the city after being rescued. You then make your way into town to set up your life as a painter looking for new landscapes to paint.

credit//Eastshade Studios

In our quick demo, we befriended a little girl in a world where apparently all of the animals have evolved into human form, and we helped her create a canvas and showed her how to create a landscape painting. It was kind of cool and the story is interesting enough that it kept our attention and made us question who our character really is. Eastshade is supposed to be released on consoles and PC sometime in the future, but the devs couldn’t give us an official date at the time of us playing it. So basically we’re just waiting for new info at PAX East.

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