Impulse Omnibus Cancelled – It’s All Down to Nineties Paper and the Colour Files

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported that it was looking that the Impulse Omnibus, collecting Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos‘ work on the character and scheduled for November, was being cancelled. Well, we have confirmed that this is indeed the case.

But it isn’t for lack of sales or orders, but rather the quality of the scanned files they have for the comics in question, specifically those published in the nineties. Apparently there are issues with the way the colour on the pages is captured when published at an oversized Omnibus level.

And after dealing with problem after problem, DC Comics have decided enough is enough. The Impulse Omnibus is dead rather than have DC publish a worse-than-usual-quality volume.

And in its place, DC Comics will publish two trade paperbacks to cover the same material, at the usual size. Watch for the paper stock to more match the original nineties quality, which will also help DC print the comics from more suitable files.

Look for the books to be published sometime next year.

It seems ironic for Flash stories to be delayed so much. But you’ll get them eventually. Or, you know, you could go through the back issue boxes. They’re printed on the original paper too… and maybe you’ll strike lucky and get a signature in the bargain.


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