Bringing Light Back to a Darkened World in Ashen at PAX West

The last game we got to mess with at Annapurna Interactive’s booth was a brand new game called Ashen. This game has a pretty cool mythology behind the story as it talks about how there used to be three different people who enjoyed the light before it was snuffed out. Only recently has it started to return, and it’s up to the humans who currently occupy the world to help it bring everything back out of the darkness. But like any darkness-ridden world, there are people who prefer it be dark. So you have other people and creatures trying to stop you on your quest with friends.

credit//Annapurna Interactive

The gameplay was a little rickety at times, but that’s forgivable as it’s a demo. The story behind it is far more fascinating and had us enthralled from the start. This is yet another game from the company that has a 2018 release date but they won’t give a firm calendar date. We’re looking forward to when Ashen is finally released, but in its current state, we’re guessing it’ll be bumped back into next year and we’ll see it again at PAX East.

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