Checkout Out a Loaded Throwback with Metal Wolf Chaos XD at PAX West

One of the little throwback surprises we got to encounter at PAX West was Metal Wolf Chaos XD from Devolver Digital. The game is over fourteen years old, and while it is showing its age, the devs have cleaned it up and done their best to make this a sort of love letter to the original. We only got to play the first couple of sequences which involved us suiting up as the future President and bursting out of the Oval Office in a giant mech suit to fend off all of the forces trying to overthrow the government. We cleared out the front lawn and made our way down into the secret bunker holding Air Force One to get the hell out of Dodge.

credit//Devolver Digital

If you’re looking for anything high-brow about Metal Wolf Chaos XD, you might wanna look elsewhere as this is basically a run-and-gun with cleaned up graphics and slightly smoother controls from the original 2004 recipe. The game is due out sometime in 2019, but no one could give us an official date during the convention. I’m sure we’ll be seeing it again come PAX East with a seasonal date.

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