Brian Bendis Creating a Valentine for Alex Maleev With Their DC Universe Comic Together

Posted by September 9, 2018 Comment

Ian Melton writes from Rose City Comic-Con,

After the fifth issue of the hit Jinxworld Scarlett is released, marking the end of the five issue mini-series and the end of the third arc of the story, Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev will switch to a completely different project set in the DCU.

At Rose City Comic Con yesterday, Bendis said: “DC asked us to do a project, so after the five issues of Scarlett are done we’ll switch to that.”

No material has been produced yet and the planned project has no official announce date, but Bendis says it is something Maleev “has waited 20 years to do” and it is his “valentine” present to the artist.

He said that working on Scarlett is very intense, especially on Maleev, and that switching to something set in the DCU will really recharge their creative batteries for another volume of Scarlett.

A Valentine… might that be out for February then? Or, like Donny Cates’ romantic comic with Geoff Shaw, be announced in February?

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