Didn't Get a Table at New York Comic-Con? Here's an Idea...

Didn’t Get a Table at New York Comic-Con? Here’s an Idea…

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Not everyone can get a table, a booth or a platform at the upcoming New York Comic-Con to sell their comic books. But if you missed out, there is another option.

New York City ordinance states the following:

Items Associated with Right to Free Speech

Merchandise such as paintings, illustrations, photographs and books can be sold without
obtaining a license as these items are protected by the First Amendment, guaranteeing free
speech. However, the vendors of such works are still subject to other rules and regulations
applicable to all street vendors including the list of restricted streets shown in Subsection 2-314
of the Rules of the City of New York.

The jist is that you can set up and sell your comic books on the street if you want. No permit necessary. There are a couple of restrictions

Vendors are not allowed to vend on those streets that are
restricted to both food and general vendors. (Contact the Department of Consumer Affairs for a
list of these areas).

For further information on the license process and/or other matters pertaining to general merchandise vending in New York City, you are requested to contact the Department of Consumer Affairs…

So if you didn’t get a table in Artists Alley, why not set up your very own outside the show?

Newsstand Seller. New York City 2005

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