Revisiting Killer Queen Black at PAX West Because We Needed To

The minute we learned Liquid Bit was bringing Killer Queen Black to PAX West, we had to jump in and get another few rounds of the game in. This time around we were getting what could be considered a much more accurate version of the game as this now gave more level variety and added in a new perk. The team that had a victory last round switches over to a new fancy black armor (hence the title) where they look all pristine and badass as the people to beat. We also got pushed into new maps with new challenges as it didn’t stay the same after each win.

credit//Liquid Bit

There’s a lot to love about Killer Queen Black, we’re just impatient as hell as we’d like to see it finally be released on the Nintendo Switch and Steam. Right now, everything still points to Winter 2018 with no official release date behind it. But these guys know they have an absolute winner on their hands the minute it becomes available for download. For now, we have to go back to the arcade and get some practice in.

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