Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gets Five More Episodes Added to its Initial Order

[user_id]It’s been non-stop drama for fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Fox unceremoniously cancelled the show back in May and for thirty very stressful hours it looked like one of the best comedies on TV was going away. The NBC swooped in and saved the series. They ordered a thirteen episode run which isn’t that long for a series. However, they probably wanted to play it safe and while Brooklyn Nine-Nine has a devoted fanbase the numbers are probably making people a little nervous.

Well it sounds like the people over at NBC are a little less nervous right now. According to The Hollywood Reporter NBC has extended the sixth season of the show from thirteen episodes to eighteen. While this is still the lowest of any of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s seasons it’s a good sign for fans of the show.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine made its Comic-Con debut back in July to a crowd worthy of Hall H. The Indigo Ballroom was packed with lines going around the corner to see the cast. That seems like it shouldn’t be a big deal but it is. The fact that the show drew that big of a crowd means that there is a demand for it and NBC needs to take advantage of that. The show is currently filming and is set to return midseason but we don’t have a specific date yet.

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