A Gutpunch is Coming For Bruce Wayne in July 2019 in Batman #75

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So, not everything is peachy keen between Bruce Wayne and Damian Wayne (soon to be estranged), between Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd (he tried to kill the Penguin, has left his Outlaws and changed costume), between Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson (soon to be an amnesiac thanks to Bane) and Barbara Gordon has her own issues in her own title. Bruce himself is doubting his own actions in Batman, is a mess after Selina Kyle left him at the rooftop altar.

But, according to DC Nation #4, things are going to get a lot worse. It quotes Bateditor Jamie Rich as saying ‘After issue #50’s devastating blow to Bruce, we’re building to another big gut punch for the Bat in Batman #75.’

Does that sound like a death to you? Selina? Dick? Damian?


Only nine months to go…

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