Crowtown, the Comic That Never Was, is Now a Film…

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Written by Tony Lee, art by Rob Guillory…

Twelve years ago, I had the idea for a comic series while returning back from the 2006 San Diego Comic Con. It wasn’t more than a log line – Crowtown, the city in Limbo where the corrupt cops go when they die.

I fleshed out a story, pitched it to a few people, even managed to convince Rob Guillory to do a concept ‘teaser’ – but things never work out how you hope. The editor we were talking to left, the new one wasn’t accepting ‘old’ projects, and then I lost Rob to CHEW. Which, considering it was amazing, was probably for the best.

And the script lay forgotten in a folder, as I moved onto other things.

Fast forward almost a decade, to 2015 – and I sit in Soho House with Mark Kozlowski, working on a new script idea for a festival short film with a difference. The original idea for Crowtown returns once more, as I pitch suggestions. Mark likes it. We work on it.

And now, we’re in 2018 and tomorrow CROWTOWN: ROLLING SIXES has its Cast and Crew screening in London, before launching onto the festival circuit. I’m super proud of this, nervous as hell, and hoping fervently that the wait has truly been worth it.

It’s not the same creature it was twelve years ago, but it’s still one I recognise. And for a writer, to have a director keep to your vision this close? it’s appreciated.

So forgive me my self promotion, because I’m super excited for this!

Here’s a synopsis…

Everyone knows the rules. When you die, you get a key. And, after you walk through Purgatory, up to the Pearly Gates and place it into the lock, you’ll go up to Heaven – or fall, burning into Hell. But over time a third choice has appeared – to stay in Purgatory – and across millennia the city of Crowtown was born. In a city like no other, filled with both the best and worst of humanity, Detective Gravel works the city beat – but when a stranger arrives, Cain, son of Adam, the creator of murder and the only man here who hasn’t died, it can only mean trouble – trouble that Gravel needs to learn about in an interrogation. But what happens when the interrogator becomes the interrogated?

Anyone want to adapt it into a comic book?

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