Swag & Sorcery is the RPG Sim for People Who Hate RPGs

Swag & Sorcery is the RPG Sim for People Who Hate RPGs

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Swag & Sorcery is Lazy Bear Games, Uroboros Games, and tinyBuild’s answer to people who like Fantasy worlds but hate RPGs. It is basically an RPG simulator in which you control several adventurers, send them out on missions, collect their gear, and then sell it. You get all the joy of city building and RPG item collection with way less effort because you just send your AI adventurers out in order to bring you back swag.

So basically, you get to be the fetch quest giver for a guild of adventurers. Which is, according to Swag & Sorcery, the ultimate dream for anyone in a low-fantasy world.

The game’s controls are pretty simple point and click, so you don’t even need a mouse to play it.

There is definitely a market for Swag & Sorcery — I’m just not sure there are enough people who like RPG worlds but hate RPGs to justify making a role playing game simulator. This is really a simulation of a game (which is itself something of a simulation).
I’m pretty sure I’d only play this game if I had absolutely nothing else available because there really isn’t much to get invested in. Just endless grinding.
Swag & Sorcery is slated to release on Steam in 2019.

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