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Obsidian May Be Hinting at an Alpha Protocol Remaster

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Developer Obsidian Entertainment has been out making noise about a potential remaster for Alpha Protocol.

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Alpha Protocol was a pretty decisively received game when it came out in 2010. The title, which followed an agent who was part of a covert government agency, never set the charts on fire but to this day, retains a cult audience. The execution left some to be desired, but the mixing of a traditional action game with choice-based RPG elements that affected the story… well, that was unique.

For those fans who saw something in the title, here is an exciting ray of hope. A few days ago, Limited Run Games founder Douglas Bogart tweeted out a poll asking if people would want a remaster of Alpha Protocol. It was seemingly a bit of fun from someone who liked the game, but things got kicked into overdrive last night when Obsidian, who originally developed the game, picked up the tweet. They didn’t say anything except retweet the poll with the ‘eyes’ emojis. Generally, that means ‘watch this space’ or ‘we are watching’ or some kind of perceived excitement. (See, come for the video game news story, stay for the emoji translation.)

While this is miles and miles away from a confirmation, the fact that Obsidian is out promoting it and potentially getting people excited is worth noting. Also worth noting: Limited Run Games specialise in releasing old titles for updated consoles. The real question is how much work would be done on the game if any past basic uprezzing? More than most games, I could see Alpha Protocol really benefiting from a top to bottom remake. That is probably a lot to hope for though, so perhaps just a rerelease will do for now.

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