Alex Automatic #3 - Where Prisoner Meets Miracleman - Debuts at Thought Bubble

Alex Automatic #3 – Where Prisoner Meets Miracleman – Debuts at Thought Bubble

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Alex Automatic #2 debuted at Thought Bubble in Leeds last year. So it’s only natural that #3 should do the same this year. By Fraser Campbell, James Corcoran, David B. Cooper, Colin Bell and Harry French, with variant cover by David Rubin…. 

Alex Anderson is a Government agent who has been subjected to experiments to enhance his abilities by a shadowy agency known only as PRISM. However the process has gone horribly wrong, leaving Alex often trapped inside the delusion that he is the indestructible cyborg super-spy hero of 1970’s TV show, ALEX AUTOMATIC. A TV show that exists entirely inside Alex’s own head.

Comatose following the events of #2, Alex is captured and examined by covert anti-Prism resistance group, The Academi. Meanwhile inside his own head, Alex experiences a delusionary “Kitchen Sink” 60s reality where he is the mild-mannered author of ALEX AUTOMATIC, Britain’s most popular comic strip. As The Academi strive to define what makes their new guest tick, “Kitchen Sink” Alex starts to realise he is being stalked by something that can’t possibly be real… a fictional character he killed off years before!

And with this pitch…

Alex Automatic is inspired by the Gerry Anderson TV Century 21 shows like Thunderbirds and Joe 90 along with ITC shows like The Prisoner, Danger Man and Department S. We liked the idea of combining the innocent fun and cool production design of these shows with a modern story about alienation, disassociation and the overwhelming mania of modern reality. A story about a broken, dangerous man whose ability to handle the complexities of real life is so damaged, he escapes to a delusionary World of unambiguous good and evil, battling a rogue’s gallery of outlandish super-spies, creatures and villains. But reality is always waiting in the wings…If you enjoy stuff like The Prisoner, Steed & Mrs Peel and The Saint but also love comics like Miracleman, Casanova and The Invisibles, this should be right up your alley.

… and this preview of the 12 pages of the first issue... I am sold. Here’s some art from issue 3.

Regular Cover Art

Regular Cover Art

David Rubin Variant

David Rubin Variant

Published by Cabal Comics, 28 pages for £4 each, I’ll be looking for them in the Ask For Mercy Marquee at Thought Bubble for sure.

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