Video: Rich Johnston Talks to Donny Cates About Killing Dogs, Loving Geoff Shaw, and Thanos Winning, Even in Death

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I know some people say they “sat down” with an interview subject. But I literally just sat down with this one, Donny Cates (with interjections from Geoff Shaw), in the basement of Forbidden Planet (who are selling signed copies of his work right here).

We talk about his new series Guardians of the Galaxy with Geoff, announced today via embargoed reviews, and how maybe not everyone in the teaser will appear in the series. It will also come out in January.

We talked about what Thanos means to him and how he always ends up writing about Gods — and blames that on his Texan upbringing.

We talked about his hotness as a comic book writer, and his way of dealing with that.

We talk about his new Image comic book series, also with Geoff, for Image Comics about love — and that it might get announced on Valentine’s Day.

We discuss his tendency to kill off dogs — three so far in the Marvel Universe.

And lots more. With occasional interruptions from Forbidden Planet staff, who may be placated by running this plug again.

And outside, for a smoke break and not on the video, we discussed their trip to see Alan Moore in Northampton when they were at the nearby Bedford comic con NICE this past weekend. And how they just knocked on the door…

Donny Cates will next be appearing with Geoff Shaw at Big Bang Comics in Dublin this week and then on Friday at Rose City Comic Con in Portland. Busy busy boy…

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