Marvel Has Sold Half a Million Infinity Gauntlet Trade Collections

Posted by August 31, 2018 Comment

Another day, another statistic. Marvel has claimed that they have now sold over half a million copies of The Infinity Gauntlet collection.

The inspiration of the Avengers: Infinity War storyline this year, from Jim Starlin to George Perez to Ron Lim. The comic sees Thanos put together all Infinity Gems in an Infinity Gauntlet and become a god, wiping out half the universe as a tribute to his one true love, Death.

And now it’s getting a Deluxe Edition, containing: Infinity Gauntlet 1-6; Infinity Gauntlet Promo Poster; material from Marvel Age #92, #95-96, #99 (profiles & articles); Hembeck cartoon from Marvel age #99; Marvel: 1991 – The Year in Review – Infinity Gauntlet parody article; Infinity Gauntlet #2-3 original cover art; Infinity Gauntlet #1 & #4 pencils; Infinity Gauntlet #1-6 inks; Infinity Gauntlet TPB (1st print) cover inks; Infinity Gauntlet TPB/MPHC/Omni covers; Infinity Gauntlet trading cards.

Maybe they can sell another half million before Avengers 4. Who says movies don’t affect comic book sales?

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