DC Comics Removes All Comments From Retailer Facebook Page

DC Comics Removes All Comments From Retailer Facebook Page

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Of late there has been a move in retailer/publisher relations to Facebook. Private groups where comic book retailers and publishers work together to share concerns, issues, to promote upcoming events outside of the prying eyes of fans, reporters or rival publishers. Occasionally things break cover both with Marvel Comics and with DC Comics but its rare.

DC Comics have used it as a place to put up their late variant covers before Final Order Cut-Off, defend Batman #50 issues and the like.

But after the Batman #50 fiasco that saw the comic made returnable, it highlighted that having us the retailers being able to talk to one another about DC’s problems might a) not be the best idea b) became a constant reminder to the higher-ups who monitored it like Dan DiDio of mistakes that were being made.

Well as of last week, DC Comics have turned off all commenting on the posts from retailers. Only DC Comics can now post on the group, with to comments or questions from retailers – who can only ‘like’ the posts they approve of.

I understand that this has pushed moves for a new independent retailer group on Facebook to replace the Delphi forum CBIA of old… or maybe a repurposing of the existing ComicsPRO group.


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