Epic Games Adds the Ace Starter Pack to Fortnite for Purchase

Yesterday, Epic Games has made the Ace Starter Pack live in Fortnite, but it isn’t just some random update you can obtain. The entire pack contains 600 V-Bucks, The Ace Outfit and the Swag Bag Back Bling, which are all relatively nice things to have. The small catch: it’ll cost you money. The pack, which people originally thought was going to be a free update added tot he game as part of an achievement to take care of, actually turned out to be a purchasable pack for $5.

credit//Epic Games

Kind of a bummer if you’re one of those players who wanted to earn it the old fashion way in Fortnite by doing some random tasks in the game. Great news for players who don’t give a damn about earning anything and are happy to drop their credit card down to own it.

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