Review: Die Hard Dice — Forge Dice – Raw Steel w/ Paragon Blue

Recently we had a chance to chat with the crew at Die Hard Dice and got to check out all of the awesome sets they had forged out of metal. They have a pretty impressive line and we were lucky enough to receive two sets for review. The first ones we’re going to talk about are the Forge Dice set, specifically the Raw Steel set in Paragon Blue.

First off, take a good look at the care and quality that went into making what are essentially heavy as hell dice look absolutely magnificent. To be clear, these are not plated in steel, the plating just has the appearance of steel, but the quality of it looks mighty fine. The blue stands out with the numbers so that even with the gray coloring it stands out and you can see what you rolled with clarity. Just looking them over as a piece of artistic value, this is a nice set that you could pair with any character that deals with steel of some kind and it would feel like a perfect fit.

As to the dice themselves and how they roll, take note of the edges and how they’ve been crafted so that the edges are not a perfect point. they’ve been shaved down and flattened, which helps in getting better rolls and not dealing with jacked dice as often as you would on a set with sharper edges. Even the edges themselves have a smoothed off surface to them so that they roll a little better.

After playing a few games with them, I enjoyed how they came out both to be an even and fair roll. I got my fair share of natural 20’s, but I also had to deal with several low rolls as well. Thankfully, I didn’t have to deal with any natural 1’s, but only time and karma will make me pay for that response. The set will run you about $35, which considering the material and how they’re constructed, isn’t too bad of a deal. If you’re looking for some heavier dice with an extra bit of “umph” to them, you can’t go wrong with this set from Die Hard Dice.

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