Toronto Police Say Jason Sensation Was Never at WWE Raw, No Concern For Public Safety [UPDATED]

Toronto Police Say Jason Sensation Was Never at WWE Raw, No Concern For Public Safety [UPDATED]

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Former WWE performer Jason Sensation sparked concern Monday night when he claimed to have snuck a gun past security at Monday Night Raw and announced plans to kill himself on television. Sensation, who is best known for portraying a parody of Owen Hart alongside DX during their feud with the Nation of Domination during the Attitude Era, posted the threat on Twitter:

The tweet was met with concerned replies, many of which tagged law enforcement in Toronto and WWE. Former Raw writer Vince Russo also expressed his concern.

Shortly after 8:30PM Eastern Time, Sensation’s account became inactive with no explanation. While it’s unclear whether Sensation meant his tweet as a joke, the frequency of mass shootings and other public acts of violence obviously has a lot of people on edge.

Thankfully, authorities are aware of the situation, and hopefully, everyone will remain safe tonight. We’ll keep an eye on the situation and keep you updated.

UPDATE: Several people have reported on Twitter that Vince Russo said on his Twitch livestream that he spoke with Sensation and Sensation told him the Tweet was a joke. Unfortunately, Russo has not updated his Twitter with an official statement, but several wrestling sites including Wrestling Inc. and founder Jimmy Van have reported speaking directly with Russo to confirm those reports.

We’ll continue to keep you updated.

UPDATE:’s John Pollock reports the following statement from the Toronto Police:

UPDATE: Toronto Police have officially confirmed:

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