MercuryStream Adds Valeria Robespierre to the Spacelords Roster

MercuryStream Adds Valeria Robespierre to the Spacelords Roster

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This week, MercurySteam added a new character to Spacelords that you have the potential to recruit in Valeria Robespierre. This is an interesting addition as the character basically comes from money and has an attire inspired by her doll collection, but that doesn’t mean she’s an automatic pushover. She’s pretty balanced in short, medium, and long-range combat, with a little bit of an assassin spin to her. Basically, she’s insane, can kill quite quickly, and is worth having on the team. Check out her trailer and full description below.


Valeria Robespierre… just saying that name can cause waves of panic in many parts of the Universe. Heir to an immense legacy of riches and power, Valeria is the daughter of a wealthy patron who is financing the expedition to the Broken Planet. Using her vast family fortune, she designed and custom built this new powerful combat chassis to protect herself from the planet’s many dangers. Inspired by her beloved collection of dolls, this suit’s sole purpose is to deal a whole world of pain to any who dare cross her.

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