Not an Internet Scam – the Truth Is I’m a Foreign Prince…

Ramon Gil writes:

Allow me to introduce myself.

Dear free American,

My name is Ramon Fernando Señeris Gil and I am a member of the royal family from the tiny country of the Philippines. I have recently inherited one billion pesos (US $2156) and need to move it out of the country, and I need your help to accomplish this.

The funds are currently locked in a Kickstarter account. If you can make a pledge and help us match the aforementioned amount, you will receive a special science fiction comic book anthology called SCIFIES 2018. This commemorative journal is the revolutionary political work of Paul Bradford, Claire Connelly, Matt Kelly, Meredith Moriarty, Robert Sodaro, Tue Sorensen, Marta Tanrikulu and Lynne Yoshii. All of whom are considered enemies of the state and are political prisoners of my father, the King.

By helping us reach our goal, you will be ensuring their release and an end to further torture. We hope you can help us in this, our most desperate hour.

To help us embezzle — I mean liberate, LIBERATE — our much needed revolutionary funding, please click on the link below and know that you will be championing the cause and freedom of these political free-thinkers and comic book creators everywhere!

It would also help our struggle if you could share this plea with other money — I mean, freedom, FREEDOM, loving Americans like yourself.

Thank you for reading. May fortune smile on you, you rich American you.


Prince Ramon Fernando Señeris Gil

Galatea: a seemingly Utopian futuristic society has a sinister origin. By Meredith Moriarty

Tomorrow: A nightmarish, militaristic future might be more than it seems. By Claire Connelly

Ocean of Loneliness: a vampire, the last of his kind, tries to survive in a world that’s hunting him. By Paul Bradford, Allen Byrnes and Micah Myers. 

Name Day: a fantastical shopping trip for a young girl with her father. By Marta Tanrikulu, Daniel Franco and Robin Jones.

The Long Event Horizon: a dangerous space expedition leads to an unforgettable conclusion! By Robert J. Sodaro and Ramon Gil.

Spacegirl Speeda in Lazerville: a cosmic superheroine in the future makes an unusual friend. By Tue Sorensen and Peder Riis.

Lt. Yorick: As if the presence of a silent astronaut wasn’t strange enough for this suburban family, ten-year-old Jude’s nightmares hint at a catastrophic end for them all, in this otherworldly coming of age tale. By Matt Kelly and Nicolo Arcuti.

The Last Survivor: the story a lone soldier trying to make her last stand against an alien creature leads to a shocking twist. By Lynne Yoshii.

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