Guardians of the Galaxy Star Dave Bautista Calls Donald Trump a “Big Fat Orange @#$%^ Grabbing Troll”

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn may have found himself fired by Disney after alt-right trolls waged a fake outrage campaign in retaliation for Gunn’s nonstop tweeting about Donald Trump, but GotG star and former WWE Champion Dave Bautista seems more than happy to step into his role. Before the firing, Gunn tweeted every day, pretty much all day, about Trump. When it comes to Bautista, The Animal seems to favor a quality over quantity approach.

Dave Bautista

It started when President Donald Trump wished WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon a Happy Birthday.

And when Collider employee Ryan Satin tweeted about Trump’s compliment, Bautista responded, saying:

Of course, Bautista’s claim that Vince McMahon secretly dreams about “beating the shit out of that big fat orange pussy grabbing troll” seem likely to be inaccurate. A WWE Hall-of-Famer himself, Trump has a long association with the McMahons, going all the way back to WrestleMania 4 and 5, which were held at Trump’s Atlantic City property. If McMahon wanted to beat Trump up, why would he have donated millions of dollars to Trump’s presidential campaign? If there were animosity between the families, would Trump have appointed Linda McMahon to his cabinet? And what of this photo of the entire McMahon extended family smiling during a visit to the Oval Office shortly after Trump, aided by McMahon’s money, became President?

So no, Vince McMahon probably does not dream about beating up the President any more than Marvel Entertainment Chairman Ike Perlmutter, another longtime friend and associate of Trump who financially supported his rise to power and now reaps the benefits of influence, does.

Bill Goldberg, on the other hand… well, he says that was hackers.

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