Double-Cross on Maiden Lane with The Tommy Gun Dolls

Daniel Cooney writes with a special offer for Bleeding Cool readers:

I’m entering the final weekend before my Kickstarter ends for the 1920s burlesque crime drama, The Tommy Gun Dolls Vol. 2 Double-Cross on Maiden Lane. A gang of bawdy burlesque girls seek retribution against the crime syndicates as a turf war rages on in 1928 San Francisco.

Bleeding Cool readers will receive a FREE personalized book sketch upgrade on their book pledge this weekend through Monday, be sure to ref ‘Bleeding Cool’ when pledging your reward for the free sketch signed by me, Daniel Cooney.

I reached funding goal with the help of 240 backers strong and counting–and will be promoting this at Thought Bubble in the ComiXology Marquee Table 88. In 2017, The Tommy Gun Dolls graphic novel was the Grand Prize Recipient of Pulsar Entertainment’s Comic Creator Contest.

“Dolls is the only entrant that left me literally craving to read more. It is well-researched and smartly dialogued with almost no anachronisms to bounce me out of the story. The narrative is ambitious and mature. It feels like the work of a professional, experienced writer at the peak of his powers– someone who is already established and has been around. It is totally pro work. The same thing goes for the artwork– clear, solid expositional skills, sophisticated visual storytelling that’s clever and effective without ever becoming smart-ass or obscure. The period work is nearly perfect– very authentic and well-researched. Daniel Cooney is clearly a student of history and not afraid to use reference.”

– JON BOGDANOVE, Celebrity Judge

Here’s a preview.

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