Who Took Those 'Heroes in Crisis' Polaroids? And Did Wonder Woman Kill Maxwell Lord Again?

Who Took Those ‘Heroes in Crisis’ Polaroids? And Did Wonder Woman Kill Maxwell Lord Again?

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These are first three variant covers by Ryan Sook for the first three issues of Heroes in Crisis, which will show moments of crisis in each of the heroes lives.

Superman’s Death for issue one. Batman’s back being broken by Bane for issue two, Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord for issue three, Aquaman losing his hand for issue four, Jason Todd’s death for issue five and Hal Jordan killing Kilowog for issue six. And something that Harley Quinn does in this series for issue seven.

But who took the polaroids in question? I mean, Jimmy Olsen was there for issue 1.

But he didn’t quite get the angle and it didn’t look like a Polaroid camera to me. But the others? There were no public around for any of the others.

And wasn’t Wonder Woman’s killing of Maxwell Lord wiped out by the New 52? He has been alive and well since, and currently in the care of Amanda Waller’s Task Force XI…

…as seen at the end of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. Hmm… just wondering if there could be a link between Johnny Sorrow from that series…

…and the Heroes in Crisis masks?

So, did Wonder Woman sneak into Belle Reve and kill Lord all over again? And did she bring Jimmy Olson with him? These questions and more will not be answered in the upcoming Heroes in Crisis series…

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