Twitch Announces Full Panel List for TwitchCon 2018

We now have a better idea of what to expect as far as panels go at TwitchCon 2018 as Twitch revealed the first batch this week. While the list doesn’t include who will be on the panels, it does give a pretty good idea of the kind of content they plan to include as part of the event. Enjoy the list below!

Rolling Over Your Obstacles: Streaming with Disabilities
From VOD to Live: The Switch to Twitch
Women in Gaming: How to Break the Cycle of Underrepresentation
The Gayest Panel at TwitchCon 2: Still Very Gay
It’s Dangerous to Go Alone: Mental Health in Streaming
To Affiliate and Beyond
Breaking Down the IRL Backpack
Reinventing Wrestling for the Twitch Era
Community Meetups: A Twitch Primer
How to Stream VR on Twitch
Podcasting – We’ll Do It Live!
The Wild West – Making Music on Twitch
Pioneering On Twitch
Break Out of the Box – How to Craft the Ultimate Tabletop Stream
The PC Build-off Workshop
LATINX in Gaming: You Belong Here
Developing Indie Games in the Era of Twitch
Behind the Stream: The Life Of a Broadcaster
Exploring Space on Twitch
How to Grow & Navigate Twitch as a Streamer Of Color
How to Stream More with a Full Time Job
Cooking Streams: Tips and Tricks from Professional Chefs
Strategies for Gamers to Get Healthy & Stay Fit
Streaming for Good: Why Charity Events are Awesome!
Lights, Camera, AI: Interactive Chatbots on Twitch
Actually…Let’s Talk About It: Talking Real-World Issues in Chat
Making Amazing Content with Limited Resources
Violence in Video Games: Streamers on Culture and the Value of Gaming
The Secret Language of Twitch
Games & Gambles: What’s Next for Loot Boxes?
Did I Just Get Hacked? How to Protect Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self
The Leftovers: how non-gaming content survived the exile from, why we came home, and the lessons we brought back
Building a Better Stream Community
Playing Your Character, Not The Game
Family Life: Balancing Streaming & Parenting
The Art of Makeup on Twitch
RollPlay: Creating Tabletop RPGs on Twitch
The Family That Games Together, Stays Together: Benefits of Family Gaming
Integrating Speedrunning Content as a Variety Streamer
Are Video Games A Sport? A Discussion
Roleplaying 101 with The Household
Sponsorship Best Practices
Farewell Waldo: Understanding Your Value and Pitching Your Story
Work in Gaming: No Coding Necessary!
The Professional Streaming Mindset: An Interactive Discussion
That’s Not Fair Use and Your Fan Project STILL Isn’t Legal
Mental Health & the Pursuit of Passions
Why Branding Matters: Look with your Special Eyes!
Streamer or CEO:  You are a business owner!
Come Watch My Stream and Other Things Not to Say!
Storytelling Through Statistics
Online Content, Endorsements & Influencers: #ThereIsSomeLaw
Play the Tutorial: Essential Business & Legal Advice for Every Streamer
Variety Streaming: Brainstorming, Strategies, and Finding What Works
Getting Value from Collaborative Content
Monetizing Fun: Making Money without “Selling Out”

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