Classic NeoGeo Title Crossed Swords is Getting Released on Modern Consoles

One of the all-time classic games to come out of the NeoGeo was Crossed Swords, as it’s been praised as an amazing game ahead of its time. It was basically an RPG mixed with a first-person hack-n-slash where your character was represented by a wire frame¬†along the bottom as you fought your way through a land of demons and knights trying to take out an evil warlord. Enemies would come at you in waves followed by bosses that you’d have to run through in order to save different parts of the land and eventually make your way through to the final boss, Nausizz.

Now it appears that SNK is going to re-release the game onto modern consoles as some keen-eyed people caught the fact that the game has shown up in the digital stores for¬†Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. Honestly, Crossed Swords isn’t that bad of a title to resurrect and bring back to life as it still holds up compared to others of the same genre. And it would be an honest breath of fresh air when it comes to retro classics being re-released, as there are a lot of gamers who have never experienced it before.

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