PUBG is Finally Getting a Training Mode

PUBG Corp. has announced that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a training mode after over a year of fans asking.


One of the main suggestions I’ve heard from the PUBG players, especially ones picking it up for the first time, is that they wish they could try out the guns earlier on in the experience. I think there is value in the experience of learning your favourite loadout by doing and experimenting in the heat of battle, but with that said, it’s not hard to see why that might be intimidating to new players.

Well, PUBG trying to rectify that. At some unspecified time next month, a training mode will be implemented in the game, which will include a shooting range. This will allow players to really test out their weapons, but that isn’t all. The training area will allow players to do everything from practice parachuting, driving, and melee courses. You can even invite up to 20 people in there to really have fun with the course and cause some chaos. The full list of features can be read about here in a Steam post, but here is a list of what is currently slated to be included in PUBG:

Incremental range targets:
800m Range
400m Range
Special 1k Range target

Free targets:
Standing targets
Moving targets (left, right)
Targets inside a building (stationary / moving)

Parachute practice area
Throwables range
Melee range
Parkour area
CQC Course
Indoor CQC Range
Vehicle tracks:
Long track
Racing track
Off road
Sweet Stunt Ramps

Open water for vehicles:
Sweet Water Ramps

Tables of Equipment:
Melee weapons

This is a very welcome addition to PUBG I think. While I do believe there was value in having to get your hands dirty, many still playing are seasoned at this point, so no reason not to give newer players some kind of helping hand. Also, it could be tremendous fun messing around in the area with pals.