What’s Going on with the ‘Galaxy Quest’ TV Series?

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First and foremost: YES, the Galaxy Quest tv series is still happening at some point, at least according to Paul Scheer. The long-rumored series suffered some setbacks when Paramount Television exec Amy Powell was fired, and little to almost nothing new has been gleaned about the series since then.

Thankfully, Scheer just guested on the Shoot This Now podcast and offered some updates (kinda) and some insight as to what his Galaxy Quest series will be like:

My pitch for ‘Galaxy Quest’ was, ‘How can we kind of blow this out and pay off things for the fans that love ‘Galaxy Quest,’ but more importantly — and the thing that I really wanted to do is — appeal to the ‘me’ of now.

Who’s the 18-year-old version of me that loved ‘Galaxy Quest’ now? What would they want to see? Because I think that that is a movie that we haven’t really made yet: the ‘Tropic Thunder’ in the world of modern-day science fiction.

When ‘Galaxy Quest’ came out, it was a niche thing, ‘Star Trek’ fandom is a niche thing. Now it is selling out Hall H in Comic-Con, so that’s kind of the impetus for the continuation.

He also compared the new series to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, saying:

“We want to create this kind of thing that feels like this epic sequel, but a continuation. For me, I compared it to what ‘The Force Awakens’ is to ‘Star Wars.’ It is continuing a story but bringing in new characters.”

As far as we know, Scheer’s plan for the tv series was to meld the original cast with a new crop of NSEA Protector crew, saying he wanted to avoid a “reboot for reboot’s sake”.

“It is mixing two casts. It’s separate kind of adventures that kind of merge, and I’m looking at this first season not as episodic, but as a serialized story. So, the only way I’ve been looking at it is, using everything from the first movie and making the reasons for everything not just – I want to avoid anything that could be viewed as a reboot for reboot’s sake. There are real reasons behind these choices – maybe too much so.”

We will of course let you know if any additional updates about the series happen — we’re still hoping we’ll get the show sooner rather than later.

Never give up, never surrender.

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