Tom King on Batman’s Atheism: “That’s Not How I Read That Comic”

Last week’s Batman #53 set the internet ablaze over its apparent revelations about Batman’s atheism. Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston penned an article titled All the Reasons Batman’s Atheism Doesn’t Make Sense – And One That Does, pointing out, amongst other things, that Batman has personally known and fought beside an actual angel, as well as various other deities and deity-adjacent characters. So was this a major continuity change, or is Batman stupid? Or was he lying to get the result he wanted from the jury, deliberating over the guilt of Mr. Freeze?

Now, writer Tom King has weighed in on the subject, writing on Twitter, “Lot of people saying Batman 53 (which I wrote) shows Batman is an atheist. That’s not how I read that comic.”

Of course, King does diplomatically allow that his own interpretation is not the only valid one, saying, “But I don’t think my reading of it is the most important one. Anyway, I hope you read the whole thing for yourself and decide for yourself.”

First Batman and Catwoman don’t really get married, and now Batman isn’t really an atheist (er… depending on your interpretation)? Can we trust anything about Batman anymore?!

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