Graham Verchere Joins the Cast of Disney’s Stargirl

The Disney streaming service is looking to kick off another project next month. According to Deadline Graham Verchere has joined the cast of Stargirl as the co-lead of the film opposite America’s Got Talent winner Grace VanderWaal. Julia Hart is set to direct the adaptation of Jerry Spinelli’s novel, and the movie is one of Disney’s projects that’s heading straight to the streaming service.

Graham Verchere
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It’s is a story of discovery: of high school, of music, of the importance of connection, and of what it means to love and be loved. Verchere will star as Leo Borlock who, in a world where the spaces grow bigger even as they get smaller, meets Stargirl Caraway (VanderWaal), a bright, authentic light who breaks through the sea of teenage confusion.

Verchere has previously appeared in Fargo, The Good Doctor, and the recently released ’80s nostalgia thriller Summer of ’84. Stargirl is set to start filming next month and will likely be one of the movies that launches with the Disney streaming service next year. Disney is pushing a lot of new content on their streaming service and then will add more of the classics as time goes on.

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