Techland Launching Battle Royale Game with Dying Light: Bad Blood

Techland Launching Their Own Battle Royale Game with Dying Light: Bad Blood

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Techland is launching their own battle royale game with Dying Light as the template as you’ll soon be getting Dying Light: Bad Blood. This morning, the company released details that the game would be coming to Steam’s Early Access in September, along with the news that people attending Gamescom can try it out.

The game will run like a lot of other titles in the genre, only with the caveat of running on an already established title and making improvements to it constantly as fans dictate. Here’s a quote from the press release.

“We’ve always been keen to add more PvP multiplayer to Dying Light. We’ve read all of the messages from players  on social media and forums, and multiplayer has been a hot topic. We’ve also seen how players have embraced Be the Zombie and that inspired us to expand on multiplayer. But we want to do it in the Dying Light way, where this world swarming with infected is just as much a threat as the other players.” — says Maciej Łączny, Executive Producer. “This is how Dying Light: Bad Blood came to life, a game based on these key principles: the freedom and fast pace of parkour movement, the constant threat of the Infected, and the creative brutality of melee combat. Combined they offer an all-new brutal royale experience. Now we encourage the community to help us fine-tune the game before its release.”

The game is going to be intended as a free-to-play title on PC and consoles as it comes out, but there is the option of buying a Founder’s Pack for $20 to get a bunch of exclusive skins and gear, if you wish. The biggest difference between this and other titles like H1Z1, PUBG, and Fortnite is that the games will be 12-player rounds, making for faster matchups and games, but also making it you vs. zombies vs. other players all at the same time.

No official date was given as to when we’d see Dying Light: Bad Blood appear on Early Access, but we’re guessing you’ll also see this at PAX West this year, so earliest would probably be the second week of September.

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