Let’s Talk About ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Season 15 Episode 11

FOX series So You Think You Can Dance is back for it’s 15th season. The competition show starts with a series of auditions across the country where dancers are chosen to be sent forward to a semi finals at The Academy before making the actual top 20 performers.

Continually one of the most enjoyable reality shows (FIGHT ME), contestants often will go on to be featured prominently in national tours (like Lady Gaga) and films like The Greatest Showman.

Season 15 judges Mary Murphy, Nigel Lithgow, Vanessa Hudgens, Twitch

Judges for this part of season 15 are former So You Think You Can Dance contestant Twitch, actress/singer Vanessa Hudgens, ballroom champion and Hot Tamale Train conductor Mary Murphy, and series creator Nigel Lithgow. Longtime series host Cat Deeley is back as well.

If you want to know what happened and what dances we saw week, you can catch up here.

This week sees the top 8 performing for the judges (and we’ll be updating live during):

  • The show opens with an incredible piece, set to “Runaway” by Nathan Lanier. There’s intrigue, and mystery, and science fiction/horror but with a horror twist. It was choreographed by Christopher Scott, and man. So good.
  • Cat Deeley introduces the judges, in her adorable style
  • Jensen and Jay Jay are doing a smooth jazz routine with Sean Cheesman
  • Jay Jay teases her about being newly engaged, and her not seeing her fiancée for awhile with being part of the national SYTYCD tour
  • They’re performing “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by Jessie J. and it’s certainly trying to be sexy, but something’s just not clicking. Tied to the couch? How…strange.
  • Cat brings up that something changed between dress rehearsal and performance, but it didn’t really excuse the lack of passion.
  • Nigel says it was ‘brilliant’, calls Jensen the ‘poster child for SYTYCD’.
  • First solo of the night is Cole, such great legs, going a ballroom solo to Elvis’s “Jailhouse Rock”
  • Genessy and Slavik are doing a contemporary piece with Mandy Moore this week, and Mandy says it’s about that moment you decide to tell someone they love them.
  • They’re dancing to “Fall For You” by Leela James, that there is certainly some chemistry there. Performance wise, this is a strong showing from Slavik, like extremely so. He’s there for her, he feels present, and his feet are getting so much better!
  • Vanessa calls their connection wonderful, Mary calls them the biggest surprise couple in the history of the show.
  • Hannahlei’s solo reminds us all why she was a favorite from the auditions; a powerhouse of control and technique
  • Magda and Darius are performing hip hop with Phoenix and Pharside
  • They’re performing (as wolves) to “Killa” by Disto, and Magda is again not being dirty enough in the style, her fineness too pretty for the piece. And, he dropped her.
  • Twitch comments on the energy of the piece, and that the execution wasn’t great.
  • Everyone on the panel is agreeing that Darius was on point, but Magda wasn’t.
  • Jay Jay’s solo is a little crazy, but also rather controlled if that makes any sense.
  • Slavik’s solo shows how good he is at his style, and makes me wish there was a Twitch cam
  • Hannahlei and Cole are doing Travis Wall’s “first ever” broadway piece this week, and he mentions that he was a broadway dancer before he switched over to contemporary
  • They’re performing to “Get Happy” by the one and only Judy Garland, and this is a delightful routine. Cole’s really selling it, and Hannahlei, while wonderful, needs to cheese it up a little more at the beginning. Super lovely, and the crowd reacts with cheers.
  • Nigel says Cole played the part so well, just perfect, and says that Hannahlei can do anything. Vanessa calls her sunshine.
  • Magda does a barefoot samba solo, and ya know, it’s pretty damn great.
  • Cat says next week, the All Stars are returning next week, and some of them will be choreographing. And! Mia Michaels will return too.
  • Genessy and Slavik are doing a jazz piece by Ray Leeper
  • They’re performing to “House Work” by Jax Jones, and it’s super cute, the pair styled as fancy butlers. It wasn’t the most trick-filled dance, but it was enjoyable to watch, and again the pair is very well matched together.
  • Nigel teases them, saying he was expecting to hear that they were going to be the next to get engaged. Vanessa calls the routine incredible, and compliments Slavik’s commitment to things outside his comfort zone.
  • Jaci Royal is choreographing a contemporary routine for Darius and Magda. A rope prop may be a hindrance, but we’ll see
  • They’re performing to “Undertow” by Ane Brun, and it is beautiful. The struggle of a relationship, one person trying to get away, but being tangled again and again.
  • Vanessa makes a rope burn joke, but compliments their partnership. Twitch says “you see trust, happening in real time.”
  • Mary says it looked like Magda was underwater at times, and that Darius was well rooted in his character
  • Nigel agrees that there was a magic there, but, that the concept overwhelmed the content. That there wasn’t enough dancing for Darius in the piece.
  • Both Mary and Twitch try to jump in, to correct Nigel, but I see where he’s coming from.
  • Jensen does her solo, and it’s not nearly as good as Magda’s
  • Jensen and Jay Jay are back with a hip hop with Hef and Randi, and it’s kitchen related
  • They’re performing to “Cookin”, and it sure looks like they’re having fun. There’s still something about Jensen I personally don’t care for, but it was a cute enough routine.
  • Twitch says it was so much fun, and says there were sneak peeks at the dancer’s personalities
  • Darius does his solo, to Nina Simone’s “Strange Fruit”, it’s full of emotion, as much as he can jam in 30 seconds
  • Hannahlei and Cole are doing a cha cha for their second dance, by Sasha and Emma
  • They’re performing to “Sing It Back” by Moloko, and hot damn are Hannahlei’s legs amazing, but Cole is the star of this piece. HOLY that lift-toss-drag trick was awesome.
  • Mary says it was the best that Cole has danced yet, and how great Hannahlei’s legs are.
  • Nigel says tonight was Cole’s show, that both routines he’s done were brilliant
  • Genessy gets the final solo of the night, and her costume is a distraction.
  • The top 4 girls are doing a performance together to “Wanderlust” by Empara Mi, and it’s a hauntingly strong piece. There are some oopses, Hannahlei almost goes down on an assisted lift, though, and it’s unclear if it was her or the others. Talia Favia choreographed the piece.
  • Cat reveals the voting results- Jensen and Hannahlei are safe, Magda and Genessy are in the bottom.
  • The top 4 guys are performing a piece by Luthor Brown, to “Juice” by Yo Gotti
  • There’s some nice steps, Slavik is obviously the most comfortable, what a nice stylish routine. Nigel will be happy with a new old man shuffle
  • Ha! The judges all do the shuffle- pretty great
  • Twitch again reminds the audience to vote; to vote for their favorite.
  • Mary says they each have a shine in the routine, and that Jay Jay stood out for her. Nigel says that Darius stood out for him, but that all were fabulous.
  • Cat reveals the results for the guys- Jay Jay and Slavik are safe, Cole and Darius are in the bottom two.
  • It’s time for the elimination, and it’s an emotional moment for everyone.
  • Nigel makes a point of reminding the contestants that the votes aren’t to kick them off, that it’s not a ‘negative’ vote.
  • Cole and Magda are leaving tonight, because Nigel points out that there was such a big difference between the bottom two and the next pair, that they chose to agree with the audience and let them go.
  • Genessy and Darius are safe, and join their fellow dancers.
  • Super disappointed, I loved the pairing of Madga and Cole, and this is sad.


So You Think You Can Dance airs on Mondays on FOX.

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