Rainbow Six Siege Fully Reveals Two New Operators: Clash and Maverick

Today at the Six Major Paris, Ubisoft revealed the full details to their latest two operatives, Clash and Maverick, joining Rainbow Six Siege. We have the full descriptions and trailer for you below, but the short version is that Clash is a former riot officer who uses a shield equipped with a taser to stun enemies, along with a smaller loadout for weapons, while Maverick is a stealthier shooter with a torch that can burn through most anything quietly.

We didn’t get an official launch date for both to join during Operation Grim Sky, but we know both will be coming sometime in September to Rainbow Six Siege.


A one-armor, three-speed Operator, Maverick comes equipped with the Suri torch, a device capable of burning holes through breakable walls and wooden barricades, as well as reinforced walls and hatches. This enables Maverick to create holes of various sizes in a lot of different places, meaning defenders will have to be extra vigilant for sneaky holes showing up in their defenses. Though Maverick can make a hole big enough to move through, it’ll come at the expense of nearly all his fuel. His strength is creating a lot of small holes and using them to scout or shoot enemies with his AR-15.50 or M4 assault rifle.

Maverick’s torch is handy for eliminating enemy gadgets as well. For example, a small hole in a reinforced wall will allow you to pick off Bandit batteries and Mute jammers. While it’s not completely silent, Maverick’s torch is by far the quietest method of breaching a reinforced wall, which creates possibilities for stealth, subterfuge, and opening up deadly new sightlines.


While Maverick excels at making holes, Clash is adept at plugging them. Her indestructible CCE shield covers the entire front of her body, and comes with a built-in taser that slows and damages enemies within range. Her taser operates on a charge, and will refill whenever she’s not using it. Unlike Montagne or Blitz, Clash cannot use her sidearm with her shield equipped. To go on the offensive, she’ll have to put her shield on her back and rely on her P-10C or SPSMG9 sidearms to deal with threats.

But even behind her formidable shield, she’s not invincible. Thatcher can temporarily disable the taser with his EMP grenades, and Capitao’s Asphyxiating Bolts can do serious damage to the one-speed, three-armor Clash.   Additionally, Clash cannot melee attack with her shield, like shield-bearing attackers can. In fact, if an enemy manages to melee her, or if she gets hit with a concussion grenade from Zofia, she’ll drop her guard momentarily and be exposed to enemy fire.

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