SummerSlam: Roman Reigns Says He'll Take Belt from Mega-Hoss Brock Lesnar

SummerSlam: Roman Reigns Says He’ll Take Belt from Mega-Hoss Brock Lesnar; Fans Respond: YASS KING

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As Bleeding Cool has documented over and over and again, Roman Reigns‘s Twitter account is the one place left on the planet where pro wrestling kayfabe is alive and well. While the rest of wrestling fandom grows ever more cynical with their behind-the-scenes knowledge and smarky perspective, Reigns’s Twitter followers still appreciate the pro wrestling classics, and there’s nothing more classic than a mega-hoss like Reigns going up against another mega-hoss and cutting a generic promo about it.

Literally any time Reigns does this, his Twitter followers immediately respond in one or more of several predictable ways. Most obviously, by posting sexy photos of Reigns flipping his luscious hair around and expressing romantic love for The Big Dog. Additionally, Reigns’s fans more often than not refer to Reigns by the affectionate nickname “King.” Finally, when Reigns says he’s going to kick his opponent’s ass at an upcoming PPV, his tweet can only be met with exclamations like YESSS!, YASSSS!, or if the promo is particularly inspiring, YASSS KING!

So it has been many times over the past year, especially when Reigns calls out mega-hoss Braun Strowman:

Or when shrugging off a fine after assaulting an official while feuding with fellow Samoan hoss Samoa Joe:

Or the favorite hoss of President Donald Trump himself, Bobby Lashley:

On Sunday night at WWE SummerSlam, Reigns will face off against the hoss to end all hosses, Brock Lesnar, and as tradition dictates, he took to Twitter to call on support from his legions of worshippers.

And as usual, they didn’t disappoint.

And so Roman Reigns heads into his big SummerSlam match with the largest number of YESSS, YASSS, and KING!!! replies in more than a year. Will that be enough for the Big Dog to defeat the Beast and claim the Universal Championship? We’ll have to tune in tomorrow at the special pre-pre-pre-pre-show start time of 2 a.m. so that the epic-length SummerSlam show can commence. Bring a pee-bag… this is gonna be a long one.

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