Spacelords Addresses its Re-branding with new Highlights Video

Spacelords Addresses its Re-branding with new Highlights Video

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Raiders of the Broken Planet is relaunching as Spacelords, and to address the changes, developer MercurySteam has created a series of videos detailing all the alterations. Today’s trailer is a “Top 10 Changes” compilation to get you familiar with the basics.

In case you’d rather not sit through the video, here’s a full text rundown of the changes:

  1. Spacelords will contain four separate campaigns, all of which will be free to play.
  2. MercurySteam has added 17 missions, 66 weapons, and 17 playable characters to the revamped game.
  3. A new progression system has been created to give players access to characters, weapons, missions, and cards for free.
  4. A mission select grid has been created to allow players the chance to obtain rewards that will renew every few hours. The game is also getting a cinema mode so players can watch cutscenes whenever they choose.
  5. A new crafting system has been implemented so players can customize and upgrade weapons.
  6. The performance based reward system has been improved.
  7. Tutorial videos have been added to give players a chance to learn the game mechanics. Mentor matches that pair veterans with new players have also been added. Mentor Matches will guve veteran increased rewards.
  8. The matchmaking system has been improved to be more efficient and pit gamers against opponents with a similar MMR.
  9. Spacelords will support cross-platform play. The details have not been revealed but it seems likely that cross-platform will be between PC and Xbox One as well as PC and PS4.
  10. All of Soacelords content will be available for free.

Spacelords is set to release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 23, 2018. You can check out the top ten changes below.

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