Six Major Paris 2018: Semifinals - G2 Esports vs. Team Secret

Six Major Paris 2018: Semifinals – G2 Esports vs. Team Secret

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We’re in the home stretch of the Six Major Paris as we see the best of the best in Rainbow Six Siege competition duke it out. Today we have two semifinals matches, live from Paris, as we see who will go onto the finals on Sunday. We start with the first matchup between G2 Esports, currently the best team in the entire esport, going up against Team Secret in the last European-based battle of the tournament.

Semifinal Match: G2 Esports vs. Team Secret

For the first round, the match played out like a bit of a chess match as both teams didn’t want to overstep their reach. A bit of a tradeoff happened until G2 found themselves as a disadvantage for the 0-1 loss. TS gained another point to go up 0-2, but then got steamrolled five matches in a row to make it 5-2 in favor of G2. Having a hometown crowd around them energized their performance game by game, and the crowd were eating it up as they went. After that, it didn’t take much to score their sixth point in the eighth game for a 6-2 win for the first game point.

In the second round, the teams started off by trading wins for a 1-1 match. Team Secret pulled ahead for a moment going up 3-2 after some cunning plays and a few risks by the French players on their team. But G2 turned it around in short order for the 5-3 lead. TS had one last chance to snag a victory and overcome, but they were shut down on the last exchange as G2 went up 6-4 and took the second point, advancing to the finals of the Six Major Paris.

Winner: G2 Esports (2-0)

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