Lightstep: Dark Horse to Publish Miloš Slavković's Space Opera in November

Lightstep: Dark Horse to Publish Miloš Slavković’s Space Opera in November

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First published by Imagine Incredible Comics on Kickstarter, writer-artist Miloš Slavković’s sci-fi comic book Lightstep is coming to Dark Horse Comics in November. The company announced the news in a press release today, which contains more details on the book:

Dark Horse Comics invites you to explore writer-artist Miloš Slavković’s science fiction romp Lightstep. Alien worlds, a star-spanning empire, and technology about which we can only dream, combine to tell a story of secrets hidden in the transmissions of a radio drama from Earth thousands of years ago, and a woman whose date with destiny is about to send a ripple through the cosmos.

The galaxy is controlled by a race of elevated beings who live out their lives on accelerated “Lightsepped” planets—where a single day spans a lifetime on other worlds. Lightstep follows January Lee, a woman of royal descent, whose “divine illness” reveals to her the lies of her ancestors who founded the empire. Banished from her home into the void, an unexpected rescue sets January on a course to redeem her heritage and change the galaxy forever.

Look for the first of five issues on sale November 21st.


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