Jason Howard Pays Tribute to Todd McFarlane with Cemetery Beach #1 Impact Variant

Image Comics has announced a new line of “Impact Variants” for the upcoming comic Cemetery Beach by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard, in which Howard will pay tribute to artists who have “made an impact” on his work each month. Kicking things off by kissing up to an Image Founder, Cover C for Cemetery Beach #1 will feature Howard drawing in the style of Todd McFarlane.

In the press release, Howard said:

As a kid seeing Todd’s art for the first time opened my eyes to the fact that comics were drawn by different people. I was already artistic, but Todd inspired me to focus my creativity on COMICS. These covers are a way for me to give a public nod to artists who’ve made an impact on me, and have some fun trying to capture elements of their style.

Cemetery Beach #1 hits stores on September 12th, with final order cutoff August 20th.

CEMETERY BEACH #1 Cover A by Howard (Diamond Code JUL180123)
CEMETERY BEACH #1 Cover B virgin cover (Diamond Code JUN188807)
CEMETERY BEACH #1 Cover C “Impact” variant by Howard (Diamond Code JUL188199)

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